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Sambal Galaksi, sambal galak dari bekasi. Download aplikasinya untuk iOS dan Android.

Sambal Galaksi

Get one of the best Indonesian sambal. Sambal Galaksi, sambal galak dari Bekasi. Download the app on iOS & Android, and order it today to get the best discount!

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Best Quran app for mac with clean and simple interfaces. Available the free version, the paid version is only $3.99


Beautiful Quran app for Mac with a clean and simple interface makes reading Quran on a mac unbelievably fun and easy.

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Havees app is an iOS App to help you memorize Quran bit by bit by using repeating audio while showing the arabic text.


Easy memorize Quran with exceptional Interfaces for your iPhone & iPad

Color Palettes app to save your color palettes and export it to dribbble only for $1.99


The best way to manage your color palettes. Save your unlimited color palettes for just $1.99. Incredibly cheap app!
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FREE Assets Resizer for Android Developer
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REST API Client tools for iPhone. The iPad and Mac app version coming soon.


Color picker, Palette and Gradient in one single app with Touch Bar support
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This is how a Quran app should be
in our digital life.


Memorize Quran with Ease


Elyoum is a Mac app that sits on your menubar, showing the Islamic Calendar along with the historical events and the sunnah fasting.
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